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Here are some advantages at a glance

Synology covers the area of Network Attached Storage, or NAS for short. With the help of this solution, we can offer our customers secure and flexible data management. Virtual environments, data backups and video surveillance can also be implemented in combination with Synology systems.

Powerful NAS server
Extensive support for virtualization solutions
Data management with professional products
Excellent purchasing conditions
Worldwide valued and well known manufacturer

How can you use Synology for your business?

Synology is one of the leading providers for network storage solutions. From ‘easy to use and affordable’ for consumers to network RAID systems with up to 12 internal hard disks as an all-in-one server, as a Synology Gold Partner we offer you the right solution for every need.


The following opportunities result from the use of Synology: 
  • File server and synchronization 

Easy access to different files by multiple users and seamless syncrhonization or sharing of files on different platforms 

  • Data backup

Backup Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile devices to Synology NAS. 
You already own a server system but looking for a way to perform backups automatically on an independent device? On a Synology system, you can perform both Windows and Apple Time Machine backups. If you already use a Synology NAS as a productive server, we can offer you additional ones at different locations as a backup system. This way you have the possibility to turn a backup system into a productive system with manageable effort in case of failure of the main system.


  • Virtual machines on NAS
Easily host multiple virtual machines on your Synology NAS.
  • Synology Directory Server
You can deploy centralized user management for your clients, allowing users to log in to any computers managed by Active Directory Server within the network.
  • Synology Drive – Your private Cloud

You want to enjoy the benefits of a cloud, but you don’t want to rely on a service provider like Apple, Dropbox, Google, Microsoft, etc.? With Cloud Station, you have the options you need. Your computers, tablets and smartphones can synchronize various cloud folders or Synology DiskStations with each other, that you have deployed at your multiple company locations. Users will then quickly access local copies of files, which will synchronize with the other systems in the background as soon as changes are made.

  • Mail archive

You use your mailboxes on multiple devices at the same time and don’t want to give up the convenience of IMAP, but your provider gives you limited storage space? A Synology NAS can be configured as a mail server, in which case mail can still be received and sent using the previous ways, and the Synology mail server can be used as another mailbox for archiving. This way, you can simply move older mail from your regular inbox to the Synology Mail archive when needed, so you don’t run the risk of your mailbox being closed and inaccessible one day due to being overloaded.

  • Video Surveillance with Synology Surveillance Station
Protect your business, home and other environments with a reliable and easy-to-use surveillance system. Synology Surveillance Station delivers intelligent surveillance and video management tools to protect your valuable property and capital.
  • Synology Product Consulting
We can advise you which applications make sense in any given environment, set them up as needed or show you how to do it yourself.  If you wish, we can also take care of regular monitoring and maintenance of the systems.

Cloud solutions

Manage and protect your data more efficiently with C2’s secure and reliable cloud infrastructure, wheter it is for personal use or business applications.

Password management

Save and organize login details and personal information for when you need them quickly, or even transfer files without risk of interception.

Identity and access management

Manage all users and devices from a centralized directory service that streamlines deployment maintenance and enables easy access to resources.

Backup and recovery

Protect personal and business workloads with an intuitive and centralized solution that keeps data safe.

Scalable data storage

An object storage service available worldwide with S3-compatibility to store your data safely. Use cloud object storage in a simple, scalable and affordable way with S3 compatible APIs.

Secure file sharing

Send files on a trustworthy platform that utilizes end-to-end encryption and user authentication technology. Take no risks with file transfers.
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