AI is now available for the midsize business!

Microsoft makes it happen. Minimum order quantity? Not anymore! Copilot for Microsoft 365 is now available for midsize companies without a minimum order requirement!

Under the motto “AI for all,” Microsoft has introduced a groundbreaking innovation that will delight both the midsize business and individuals: Copilot for M365 is no longer exclusive to companies with a minimum order quantity of 300 units. With “Copilot Pro,” even private users can now benefit from the advantages of Artificial Intelligence. Small and medium-sized businesses as well as individuals finally gain access to time-saving AI features, including image and text generation seamlessly integrated into Microsoft 365 online applications.

For small and medium-sized businesses, Copilot brings premium features to the world of Microsoft 365.

Customers can now benefit from three new features with Copilot Pro or Copilot for M365 that enhance their productivity:

  1. Create custom Copilot GPTs: Users can create tailored Copilot Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) for specific topics.

  2. Access to OpenAI language models GPT-4 and GPT-4 Turbo: This allows prioritized and swift processing of requests, enhancing efficiency.

  3. Increased quota for AI images with “Dall-E 3”: The daily quota for creating AI images with “Dall-E 3” has been increased from 15 to 100 pieces.

Additionally, the Copilot mobile app for Android and iOS is introduced, allowing users to harness the power of Copilot, GPT-4, and Dall-E 3 on the go. The offering is complemented by the integration of Copilot into all Office online applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote. It’s worth noting that Copilot Teams integration is currently available only through Enterprise licenses.

With these new features, Microsoft lays the foundation for the midsize business to achieve innovative results quickly and efficiently automate workflows from anywhere.

Who can use Copilot for M365/Copilot Pro?

Copilot for M365 and Copilot Pro are available to all companies and individuals with a Microsoft 365 subscription. It should be noted that private Family subscribers are partially excluded. In this subscription model, a Copilot Pro license is available for only one user.

For enterprise customers and customers in the education sector, Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 is available as an add-on license, with Microsoft charging a price of $30 per user per month. This price applies to all purchasing channels, customer types, and order quantities – no exceptions from Microsoft.

For individuals and families:
Copilot Pro costs $20 (22€) per user per month. This price is non-negotiable from Microsoft’s side.

Where is Copilot M365 available without quantity restrictions?

BPMnet Deutschland GmbH is an official Microsoft partner. As a partner, we provide Copilot for you without quantity restrictions.

Have we sparked your interest in the operational use of AI features?

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